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Premium Homebuyer's Services.
How can we best assist you??

Pre-qualify... Assist you in determining which loan programs are right for you and your purchasing power right from the start including interest rates, payments, and closing costs.
List of Properties... We often can provide you a list of properties that meet your guidelines. Take your time to check out the neighborhoods and eliminate those properties that do not interest you. We will then make appointments to show you only those properties you want to see. 
Buyer Agency Representation...We can answer your questions about new Buyer Representation options that are available.
New Construction...We can assist you with information about new construction options available in our service area.
For Sale by Owners... Often we can represent you in the purchase of "For Sale by Owner" properties, including negotiations.
Coordinate with the Sale of your Present Home... We specialize in making a smooth move from your present home to your next home.
Seller Disclosures and Property Inspections... We will assist you in obtaining appropriate inspections by qualified specialists and provide information about local disclosure issues and conditions.
What's that Home Really Worth?... We can review all recent sales comparables and assist in evaluating the information as it applies to the property you have in mind.
Foreclosure and Bank Owned Properties... We have access to information on local foreclosure properties.
Target Mailers... We can research and identify the owners of properties that match your needs and then inquire on your behalf if there is a desire to sell.
Need other services..? Type us a note.

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